ProFile Discovery

Electronic Discovery


Processing Data

We know a thing or two about processing your electronic data for litigation review. Since 2006, we have processed hundreds of Terabytes of data. We use all the latest discovery tools to help you reduce the number of documents that you need to put eyes on. Keyword searching, Data filtering, Clustering, email threading, near deduplication, batching, persistent highlighting, and many other options exist to help navigate through the masses of data in your case. 


Production Set and Privilege Logs

Using our various review platforms, our professionals can see to it that you find the data you are looking for. Are you tired of manually creating privilege logs? Once you flag a document in our system as privileged, it is as easy as exporting a report of those records for your log. Once you have identified the documents you need to produce to opposing counsel, we can assist you with the production formats required by both parties. We will typically start your review with Native files, and then only Tiff (or PDF) the files you need to place a bates number onto or redact. 


Because your an attorney!

We decided years ago not to build a datacenter because we are not hardware experts. We leave that to our qualified partners. We don't practice law, because that is your job! We do electronic discovery because that is what we are the best at doing. Let us help you be the best at what you do!