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ProFile Discovery has been servicing Law Firms and Legal Departments for nearly two decades. Our services include Cyber-Security, Pen Testing, Incident Response, Forensic Investigations, E-Discovery Processing & Hosting, and Managed Review. We have focused and grown along with many industry leading software to help create and manage databases with millions of records. Our Certified Experts can assist your team with many of the complex challenges you face everyday in litigation. Contact us today for help with your next project


"We are more than just an E-Discovery Company"


Cyber Security

Profile Discovery understands the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), and has adopted best practices solutions to help you through your case, starting before it exists with the correct cyber policies. Need a Penetration test or incident response?


Computer Forensics

Mobile and Network Forensic Collections - Structured data, Unstructured data, Cloud base and Endpoint devices. There are more devices than any other time before in history. Securing case or breach evidence in a forensic manner is more important than ever. This includes Cloud based email, computers, mobile devices and social media.


Electronic Discovery

ProFile Discovery has been an industry leader for over a decade when it comes to understanding the Electronic Discovery workflow. Processing, Early Case Assessment, Review, and Production. Millions of records processed and reviewed. Check! Using the latest software, tools and techniques is important, but so is having the skilled professionals to run and operate those. 

Working to collect and secure your data


Cloud Based Attorney Review

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