Managed Legal Service

Need assistance reviewing/ indexing your case documents or redacting personally identifiable (PII) information? Or perhaps your office has a volume of work that is time critical and cost sensitive, but you don’t have access to technology, larger capacity teams and highly efficient processes to handle it. 

That’s when ProFile Discovery’s Managed Legal Support Services can help. Consider us an extension of your legal team. We are a complement to those services provided by a traditional law firm, provided at a more competitive price point. 

Our managed review team works collaboratively to design and deliver tech-enabled solutions, drawing on extensive training in the latest versions of various document review databases. Once the review process is implemented, our team of lawyers and project managers can then efficiently complete the review and coding of documents for your case. The result: cost reduction, cost transparency and reduced service times, all while retaining your company’s transparency and governance.

Your data: efficiently managed, reviewed, and appropriately coded—that’s what our Managed Legal Service provides.


Coordinating the review process

Our Managed Review team oversees the project management side of your case, creating an efficient review process while acting as a direct liaison between the review team and counsel. Our paralegal support services have the necessary professional expertise to conduct an initial review of the data and cull duplicate and junk documents, before turning it over to our attorneys for final review.


Reviewing the first-level work product

Ensuring quality control is a given when you bring ProFile Discovery on board. While we have full confidence in work products developed by our Managed Review team, our attorneys still conduct a detailed and rigorous review of the first level work product to ensure that it meets legal and professional standards.


Conducting a privilege review

As the final step in the process, our privilege team reviews documents and applies counsel’s definition of privilege to the documents sets. This Privilege Review stage ensures that data is appropriately coded in preparation for inclusion in any court case or legal proceeding. From the start of the process until it’s completed, we work collaboratively with your legal team, providing complementary services at a lower rate than the traditional legal fees saving you time and your client’s money.

Let’s Get Started

Choosing a Managed Legal Services provider doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a process that will address them. You can rely on us to provide those services that will meet your requirements and satisfy your concerns at a more competitive price point.

Let ProFile Discovery address your managed legal service demands and become a trusted extension of your practice.