Electronic Discovery

You may think that E-Discovery is just about collecting vast quantities of data into a mountain of digital information. But it’s more than that. 

At ProFile Discovery, we start by identifying all the data sources that are relevant to your case or are part of your company’s electronic and digital communication resources. These include emails and voice messages, texts and social media posts and communications, log files, deleted files and even browser history. Then we organize the material into a searchable database so you can efficiently access the information you need. Finally, we maintain this valuable content in a secure cloud-based environment.

Your data: what you need and how you need it, while protecting it from data thieves and unauthorized access—that’s what our Electronic Discovery service provides.


Processing your data

We know a thing or two about processing your electronic data for litigation review or other needs. Since 2006, we have handled hundreds of terabytes of data, using the latest discovery tools to reduce the number of documents that you need to review. 

Forget the old-school linear review method!

Instead, we segregate large data sets based on a given criteria, such as keyword, domain or topic, further refining the search process by data filtering, clustering, email threads and other options. Our goal is make it easy for you to navigate efficiently through the masses of relevant data.


Producing your data

Your data is collected and organized into a secure and searchable environment. But that’s only part of the process. When you need to retrieve relevant information and produce it into a reviewable case document or report, the time and effort required can be overwhelming.

That’s where ProFile Discovery steps in. If you need assistance reviewing case files or identifying personally identifiable information (PII) in breached data, our document review team can help, creating an efficient review process while acting as a direct liaison between the review team and counsel. Our experienced attorneys review the first level work product of the review team, while our privilege team reviews documents and applies counsel definition of privilege to the documents sets.

Trial date looming? Discovery deadline approaching? Let us alleviate the worry about producing the report you need when you need it, regardless of the type of amount of data involved.


Protecting your data

Your company’s digital assets are just as valuable as your physical ones. And in the event of a lawsuit or data breach, you can lose control of all that critical information. At the same time, you need to be able to access your data quickly and efficiently. By working with ProFile Discovery, you will maintain complete command over all your digital and electronic information, and with our trusted cloud based hosting platforms, you’ll be sure that it’s safe and secure.

Let’s Get Started

Choosing an E-Discovery service provider doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact us today to discuss your needs and together we can develop a process that will meet your requirements and satisfy your concerns.

Let ProFile Discovery be your trusted partner to achieve your electronic discovery results.