How secure is your network? Most companies believe that their systems are safe from unauthorized access—that is, until sensitive data is compromised and breaches are exposed. The result can be costly. According to the 2019 Internet Crime Report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), Business Email Compromise (BEC) / Email Account Compromise (EAC) complaints had adjusted losses of over $1.7 billion in 2019, while ransomware had adjusted losses of over $8.9 million for the same year—just two of the 33 categories measured in the report.

At ProFile Discovery, we attack the problem on three fronts: testing, monitoring and responding. Whether you want an evaluation of your network’s resiliency, require ongoing observation of your system or need a multi-prong incident response to a breach, we have the expertise and capability to handle your situation.

Your data: protected, monitored and secured in case of a breach—that’s what our Cyber Security service provides.


Assessing network vulnerabilities

You can’t fix a problem if you don’t know where it is, and that’s especially true when it comes to network security. There are so many ways a network can be compromised both internally and externally, resulting in financial losses and a damaged reputation. But without a thorough analysis of your network, you won’t know where the vulnerabilities exist.

ProFile Discovery excels in this type of evaluation, starting with a thorough testing and assessment of your network’s cyber resiliency. By using penetration testing and white hat (ethical) hacking as well as conducting staff training in security protocols, we can determine your network’s current vulnerability and prepare a plan to protect your valuable data from intruders.


Implementing proactive strategies

The best cyber security program has three components. It monitors the system to identify potential issues, notifies those in charge that an intrusion was attempted, and has an action play should a hack occur. 

ProFile Discovery can provide all three. We install the most appropriate software to fit your needs and system requirements—one that will monitor your network 24/7 for unauthorized access or attack and sound an alarm should one be attempted. We also work closely with your company to develop an incident playbook: the steps to follow to handle the incident effectively and efficiently.


Executing damage control measures

You didn’t think it would happen to your company. But it did. Now you’re scrambling to find out when and where the cyber breach occurred, what was taken and how to notify all those whose data was compromised.

ProFile Discovery understands all the ramifications of a network security attack and can immediately work with you to address the situation. From investigating the extent of the breach and the data that was affected to working with your legal department and the authorities to alerting those may have suffered as a result of the incident, we partner with you throughout the process.

Let’s Get Started

Choosing a Cyber Security service provider doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact us today to discuss your needs and together we can develop a process that will meet your requirements and satisfy your concerns.

Let ProFile Discovery be your trusted partner to fulfill your cyber security needs.