Digital Forensics

You may think that forensics is all about crime scenes and investigative processes, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. But in the case of digital forensics, the crime scene is a virtual one and the investigative process requires something different from laboratory analysis and physical evidence collection.

At ProFile Discovery, we begin by identifying all the possible sources of data relating to your case or concern. This can range from networks, computers and the cloud to social media, emails and text messages, just to name a few. Then, using our high-level technical capabilities, we collect the data in a forensically sound manner, maintaining its integrity while delivering it in a format that permits its use for review or as part of a case file. Finally, we can provide a written affidavit for use in court or appear in depositions or trials as expert witnesses.

Your data: identified, preserved and presented in an industry-standard and forensically sound method—that’s what our Digital Forensics service provides.


Identifying data sources

Determining where the critical data is located can be like an endless fall down a rabbit hole. No sooner do you find one possible source then more avenues appear and before long, you are lost in a sea of bits and bytes, images and audio files, emails and text messages. 

With ProFile Discovery on your team, you no longer have to worry that a data source critical to your case will be overlooked. We know how to navigate the virtual world of digital evidence and can search out relevant information from the myriad sources that are part of your company’s files.


Acquiring the data

It’s not enough to collect the data from various locations. It also needs to be done in a forensically approved way that preserves its integrity. Our digital forensics experts can uncover relevant data, even from deleted files or “hidden” locations while preserving the chain of evidence. 

We use only industry-standard software that is forensically sound and reliable to ensure that we meet the legal requirement for digital evidence. Finally, we adhere to standard lab protocols and procedures for digital evidence, so the test results and information we provide to you are reliable and well documented.


Providing expert testimony

There may be situations when you need more than just the identification and acquisition of data relating to your case or situation. You may have questions that require further research by a digital forensics expert, a need for a written affidavit for submission as part of court proceedings, or the availability of a qualified forensics witness to provide testimony in court proceedings.

That’s where ProFile’s digital forensics experts can step in. With digital evidence frequently being part of a discovery or trial process, we use our expertise to provide what you need to support your case. Our extensive experience makes us your valuable ally in legal matters.

Let’s Get Started

Choosing a Digital Forensics service provider doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact us today to discuss your needs and together we can develop a process that will meet your requirements and satisfy your concerns.

Let ProFile Discovery be your trusted partner to fulfill your digital forensics needs.