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Cyber Security

Securing Data

Everyday the size of your data increases with more types of new applications, mobile apps, and an increasing number of operating systems. Windows, Apple, Google Chrome, Linux, and so on. There is no start or stop to cybersecurity, only where your organization is now, and what you are doing on a continual basis moving forward. The challenge of security requires a persistent effort to counter all threats an organization will faces from known and unknown threats. Unfortunately, this can cost a lot of money.

IT departments already struggle with budgets to simply run the systems most companies need to stay in business. Spending additional revenue to create a  red team of "Black Hat" systems testers, along with a Blue defense team running operations is only an option for large corporations. One of the largest costs comes from the cost of labor. For this reason, ProFIle Discovery has developed  a partnership with several security experts, along with our certified forensic experts, to assist firms with data security.

  • Security Auditing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network intrusion monitoring
  • Managed services (SIEM monitoring)
  • Breach response (Ransomware, Malware, Data Theft)

Cyber resilience is defined as strengthening your cyber operations to harden against attacks. ProFile Discovery will work to train staff as well to be able to identify attacks as they occur. Indicators of compromise are easier to observe when the proper systems are in place and train personal are monitoring activity.

Connecting the dots between cyber operations and cyber policy also requires teamwork between executives, legal and IT departments. ProFile Discovery works closely with Cyber Security legal advisors that can help you develop the best strategies to secure your data!

Forensics/Digital Evidence

When a breach or cyber incident occurs, there are many steps that need to happen in an organized fashion to contain and preserve evidence, along with containing the incident. Digital evidence could be in the form of malware, event logs, and in the case of employee theft, stolen data. ProFile Discovery has years of experience collecting and examining data. Click below to find out more about forensics and expert witness services.

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